If you are talking about beans, most of its varieties and types are rich in protein, in fact, beans are considered as the richest plant-based sources for protein in a food dietary plan and it is commonly known in developing countries as the “poor man’s meat” because of its cheaper price compared to a cut of meat whether it is a poultry, pork, or beef.

Beans are also rich in carbohydrates which is very useful to fuel our body by breaking it down into glucose which then serves as the calories in our body that is needed to produce the energy that we use in our mental and physical activities. There is a total of 72 per cent of the total calorie content of beans that are made of starch that is why it is considered the food that has one of the highest carbohydrate contents.

For a particular reason, a lot of people consider beans as their main staple especially in developing countries where it is a regular food in common households because of its protein-rich content that is way cheaper than red meat.

However, some other bean varieties like the white kidney beans have other health benefits aside from being rich in protein. White kidney beans protein content is enough for an average person’s daily protein requirement but what makes this type of bean fascinating is its ability to help a person lose weight.garcinia cambogia vs white kidney bean extract

Yes, you heard it right, aiding to lose weight. This is because white kidney beans have lower calorie content and its ability to be digested without being broken down into the simplest form of glucose. For those who are not familiar with the main function of glucose, it is used to energize our body but with excess amount that we take in may cause for it to be stored which develops into fat while it also increases the level of insulin in our body that in the long run will develop into a chronic disease such as diabetes.

So how garcinia cambogia vs white kidney bean extract block carbs? It is now manufactured as a dietary supplement for weight loss are naturally digested in our stomach, but it serves as an inhibitor which prevents itself from being broken down into glucose, thus, there is no increase in the level of our glucose and helps the body to metabolize itself by utilizing the remaining glucose and fat deposit through engaging in physical activities.

In fact, white kidney beans are being ranked to have the lowest glycemic index. This means that this has the smallest effect in contributing the rise of the blood sugar after we eat a full meal which makes its starch content very beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes by maintaining good and healthy blood sugar balance compared to other high-carbohydrate foods.

Starchy carbohydrates still are the main nutritional component of kidney beans, but it does not create a spike in increasing the blood sugar level which makes it very suitable food for people suffering from diabetes.

When it comes to fibre, white kidney beans are also known to have a high content of it. Because it contains a substantial amount of resistant starch that is responsible for maintaining a well-balanced diet and weight management.