The Different Types Of Energy Drink Supplements Available

Drink Supplements

There is a variety of energy drink supplements available which each have their own individual effects. Some are more popular than others, some contain caffeine and some do not.

Here are different types of energy drink supplements available:

Caffeine-free energy drink

Caffeine-free energy drink is a specially formulated energy drink which does not contain caffeine. TheĀ best energy drinks that work can have the same effects as regular energy drinks but do not contain caffeine. Caffeine-free energy drinks are often marketed for children, elderly and pregnant women.

Energy chews

Energy chews are small pills, often in the shape of teeth and you bite or break them open to release the chemicals inside into your system and give an immediate jolt of energy. They can contain caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Energy chews are meant to have a quick effect and get you through a busy workday or other situations in which you need a bit of energy.

Drink Supplements

Pre-work outs

A pre-work out is a chemical that helps to boost your energy before exercise or during an intense period of physical activity. It can also be used as an alternative to taking caffeine pills or tablets. They are marketed for people who work out or exercise hard for long periods of time. They help to provide energy and reduce pain during exercise.

Energy drinks

There are many different types of energy drinks which can come in large bottles, small cans or a unique container that can be used when you are on the go. Energy drinks usually contain caffeine, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. They are made to boost your energy levels and get you through the day.

Energy shots

Energy shots are small or large glass bottles or cans that contain a liquid chemical that can be mixed with water, milk, juice or soda. They are marketed for people who want an instant energy boost after a long day of work or working out at the gym. They are meant to give you an instant energy boost and can be taken on the go.