Although urban fashion is associated and rooted in culture, it should not be confused with street fashion or street clothing. Both receive a partial inclination towards youth culture. Fashionable women’s accessories in the urban genre are closely related to hip-hop. Street wear, on the other hand, is heavily influenced by skateboarding or skateboarding. It has more retro and antique feel. It includes the popularity of old school dresses and vintage sneakers. Later, he adapted in Tokyo, having received a great transformation, thereby creating his own variations in pop culture and youth subcultures: hippies, punks, skinheads, goths and much more.

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The key difference of this method is that most city accessories are designed for comfortable and functional work in an urban environment. Unlike traditional tokyo street fashion, which demonstrates somewhat more rigid, orderly and ordered eloquence, urban clothing as accessories for women’s clothing is practical. Urban accessories should be light. They are often simple but avant-garde clothes. And sometimes this can include thank-you messages as an innovation. This mod is designed for practicality, durability, as well as for visual aesthetics.

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As an avant-garde trend in fashion, urban dwellers have developed a unique fragrance that differs from one city to another throughout the world. In Tokyo, urban styles for women’s fashion accessories are often tough. Most of the clothes are equipped with lace inserts or prints. Long t-shirts are also popular as bold or women’s dresses. Tokyo has actually become an unconventional production of unusual mix styles. They combine cute, formal and casual wear with great success. They also managed to introduce random cosplay into the fashion trend.