The game CS 1.6 indir oyun started as a change of the admired first-person shooting game. This game is the most played ever. After from your school’s computer laboratory to the gaming world and LAN parties.

 The first-person shooting player has a game all the way through the 2000 year. The source is still admired by CS: GO the original in claiming a massive player. Even though it is already two decades after. Now you can have the timeless model shooter straight from the web browser. You can have the best weapon that you can use in the game.


The guns are a unique group of weapons. The players can use it correctly or they cannot. The correct usage of the shotgun involves accurate timing about when to shoot. Using the shotguns in each of the rounds are reloaded separately and you can fire to stop the reload.

M3 super 90

It is a powerful weapon but it has long reloading and pumping time. Having a one-shot to the head or close to the body. All the BBs connecting will be dangerous. But a mistiming shot that needs to dodge their fire once you have already pumped it to the next shot. This gun is working better at a very close range but other people know how to use snipe. The BB guns need to strike it in the head that needs to have near-fatal damage to the player.

This gun is one of the best buys although they can have it and have knowledge in using it. It is perfect for an equalizer to finance the team once the money gets too tight. When in a panicked close fight it can maintain a low rate of fire for a long time and lessen the rate of fire after it.


It is an automatic shotgun. It means you don’t have to pump on anything unlike when you use M3 super 90. It gives you all the fire of all 7 rounds in 2 seconds or less. It is great for opponents. Although it is less powerful than the M3 super  90. It has to be 2 and more shots that need to kill the opponents.

It can cost almost twice the price of the M3 super 90 and it is heavier. The CTs buying $100 and more will be more flexible M4 carbine. It is the worst to buy in the game for that amount. This shotgun sometimes is turned down by those that were killed by a “noob stick”, “noob shotty” and “noob cannon”. It is indeed not useful in anybody’s hands.