Sports Betting Terms from The Sports Betting Network

Sports wagering lingo might be complex, so you’ll need to study more about it as you wager more. Anticipating a game’s results and making a wager on their outcome is known as sports gambling and get 꽁머니사이트 추천 from the betting.

  • Action: A wager or stake.
  • Against the spread: The conclusion of a match with a run differential is known as “against the spread.”
  • Bad Beat: A wager that appears to be winning but ultimately loses is known as a bad beat.
  • Buck: $100 in wagers.
  • Chalk: The game’s favorite is chalk.
  • Consensus: The proportion of bettors that are backing each team in a match. A few gamblers will wager versus “taxpayer’s funds” (whichever team more bettors have placed their bets on).
  • Cover: The wagering result in a cumulative distribution wager. A favorite must triumph by a margin greater than that of the margin to be covered. If an underdog loses by fewer points than that of the spread or takes the victory straight, they have covered.
  • Dime: A $1,000 bet is a dime.
  • Dollar: A bet of $100.
  • Edge: The benefit a bettor has before placing a wager is called an edge.
  • Even Money: $100 bet with a $100 payout, or even money.
  • Favorite: A team that is poised to dominate a game is a favorite.
  • Future wagers -: A wager on an occurrence that will possibly occur, including who will achieve a tournament or which category.

  • Handle: The total sum of money bet on a game is called the handle.
  • Handicapping: Analyzing game data to predict champions is known as handicapping.
  • Hedging: Hedging is wagering in the reverse way of a prior wager to ensure at least a modest profit.
  • Hook: Half point in the spread
  • In-game wagers: Wagers placed during a match are known as in-game wagers.
  • Juice: Books win a percentage on each wager called juice.
  • Limit: The most money that can be wagered on a particular bet.
  • Lock: It is a popular choice.
  • Long Shot: A significant opponent.
  • Moneyline Bet: A money line wager predicts a team’s outcome straight up with no points difference.
  • Nickel Bet:$500 is a nickel bet.
  • No Action: A game where all bets have been reimbursed and wagers are no more being accepted.
  • Oddsmaker (Linemaker): A person who determines the tournament’s opening line.
  • Off the Board: An event that gamblers never speculate on.
  • Over – The overall score of 2 teams exceeds the limit imposed by the bookmaker.
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