There is nothing more fulfilling than having a home you can finally call your own. Not to mention one that is unique, personalized and reflective of your personality. It is not that grueling or perplexing, really. All it takes is a little imagination, creativity, a little tinkering here and there and you’ve got yourself a home that is distinctively your very own.

Repaint the fifth wall

Looking up could get to be so boring especially when all you see is a blank white. Give any room that added pizzazz by splashing on some color. You can even paint a pretty picture of your choice, Michaelangelo!

Lighten up

Good lighting can make anything (or anybody) look more gorgeous. A prized work of art should never go to waste, train a spotlight on it and watch it come alive.

Dimmers would also allow you to change the mood of the evening in an instant.

On the more practical side, install timers on your porch and living room lights, it’s convenient and will add to your sense of security.

Doors of opportunity

Make a great first impression by painting your door to seem like very old wood. Install an antique-looking doorknob and knocker. Even your house number could come in a similar design to turn on that old world charm.

Take a luxurious bath

Give one of the most utilized rooms in your home a makeover.  Hire a skilled and professional handyman Jacksonville to make a bit of improvement that would make your morning routine a lot more relaxing. Pamper yourself by indulging in those lovely fixtures, faucets, showerhead and towel bars.

Show off your book collection

Books can make excellent conversation pieces. The manner by which they are displayed makes a big difference, too. Make them pop up by designing bookshelves that command attention.

Smiles all around

Create a gallery wall comprised of family pictures. It only isn’t pretty, it would allow you and the rest of the clan to capture and relive those wonderful memories.

Windows to your soul

Dress your windows with delicate lacy curtains for that romantic atmosphere, take it up a notch with trims, fringes, and ribbons, too. You may also use heavy ones for privacy and heat. Not a fan of washing? Go for blinds in all kinds of materials and make.

Heat it up

Cozy up by your newly refurbished fireplace and feel like a child on Christmas eve once more. Speaking of Christmas, that awesome fireplace will make a fine backdrop for your next Christmas card photo.

Cover up

Can’t take the kids’ writings off the wall just yet? A cracked wall or maybe loads of stuff you haven’t gotten around to storage? Try a folding screen to cover it up, temporarily!