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What is a boarding consultant?

A boarding consultant is a person who provides advice to parents and young students about boarding schools, particularly boarding schools in the United States. Boarding consultants often work for consultants’ firms, but they can also work for themselves.

Board consultants help parents with difficult decisions, often by helping them make better use of their time. For example, a uk boarding school guidance consultant malaysia might advise a family that, although its child looks bright and ambitious, it would be best served by a slightly slower school. Or a boarding consultant might discover that a troubled child is better off in a boarding school that is less disciplinary than the parent’s first choice.

Boarding consultants also advise families on admission. For example, a boarding consultant might combine his or her knowledge of academic credentials with knowledge of a family’s values and preferences to recommend a school that the child is likely to succeed at.

Boarding consultants also advise families on tuition. A family may ask a boarding consultant to estimate the costs that a school’s tuition is likely to impose and suggest ways to reduce those costs.

Boarding consultants usually charge families a fee for their services. Typically, the fee is not refundable, so families must have already decided to send their children to a boarding school before consulting a boarding consultant.