Do you know the best thing about renting a car over buying one? You can rent multiple cars over a short period at a reasonable cost. Renting also requires less documentation and formalities than buying a new car. This method is not only suitable for tight pockets but also for those who are passionate about driving new cars. You can also rent a p plate car rental in Singapore. Choose from your favorite models on their online store and get your dream car at your doorstep with minimum effort and the most efficiency.

p plate car rental in Singapore

Things you must keep in mind while renting

Renting a car is a legal process. Therefore, it has formalities involved though less than buying a new car. It would help if you remembered that cars could only be rented by adults, i.e., people above the age of 18 years. The time slot for car collection time is according to the city’s standard time, and the same is for car returning time. These times must be followed. Failing to comply invites penalties to the renter. The weekday rentals require two days for the registration process to be completed. In case of busy times such as weekdays, month ends, or festive booking, pre-bookings are given priority.

Search for your favorite car online

You can visit our online store and browse through the car section to find the car most suitable for you. Browse through the online catalog, compare car features, and find the most honest review on the site. Choose any car and complete its registration, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.