Queenstown is one of Singapore’s oldest satellite cities and is synonymous with iconic cities. Coupled with the modern development in the area in recent years, Queenstown is still a coveted area, suitable for all ages. Not surprisingly, due to its modern living environment and rich historical heritage.

Desirable location

  • Queenstown is considered one of the most popular residential areas for locals and foreigners.
  • Close to leisure centres, beaches, and sports facilities, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets and shopping centres, and other public facilities, the convenience of serviced apartments in Queenstown are second to none. It’s easy to travel around Singapore, not to mention its suburban location!

Why rent serviced apartments in Queenstown from EXPAT CORPORATE?

  • Fully furnished apartment in Queenstown
  • Whether you choose a one-bedroom or two-bedroom serviced apartment in Queenstown, you can rest assured that the facilities are complete.
  • Make sure everything is available to enjoy a warm atmosphere without bringing local furniture or appliances and without spending extra budget to buy new appliances.

Professional cleaning

  • At Expat Corporate, this is a first-class service.
  • Cleaning up furnished apartments and hotels in Queenstown is no exception.
  • Cleaning is carried out by professionally trained cleaning staff once a week.
  • With a good track record and reliability, their housekeeper can keep the serviced apartment clean and tidy.

Dedicated customer support

Their team in Singapore understands that every client has very different needs. This is why they will do their best to meet all their needs and wishes. If you have any questions about renting serviced apartments in Queenstown, please feel free to contact their professional and fast customer support team. Want to know the added value of serviced apartments? Read at their official website modelled on a unique framework to make it user-friendly and easy to surf.