Know more about the SD-WAN Components

SD-WAN is bliss when it comes to wireless or virtual network systems. Not only it is an advanced step towards SD-WAN telecommunications but also a favor to the corporate world. Work-from-home has only become possible due to SD-WAN, where devices can be connected virtually, rather than traditionally. Now the system of physical routers has been replaced with new WAN systems that emphasize more on software.

There are three major components of SD-WAN.

  1. The Base: As the name itself suggests, it provides the basic model and structure of the overall solution. It can either be used individually or the other way round. A base is a backbone for SD-WAN solutions.
  2. The Controller: The controller manages all the virtual as well as the physical devices. All the resources and major assets are managed by the controller module only. It is responsible for the implementation of the latest ideas. It converts the idea into reality. A practical approach is followed by this module.
  3. The Visualizer: A visualizer is responsible for the identification of the data and its processing. It can recognize the details and thus, can do the analytical part. Detection of errors and issues like detection of attacks, leakages, and other problems like unauthorized use of the network can be done by the visualizer. Further, a visualizer provides information about the IPs traffic and other related information.

SD WAN Components have a crucial role in the architecture of SD-WAN connections. The benefits are many.

  1. The changes take place instantly in real-time. Systems can be updated immediately.
  2. Security becomes high thus making the connection much more reliable. You do not need to worry about data leakages and other kinds of attacks.
  3. One can change the high volumes in one go or function upon that.

  1. Automation is there. You do not need to do everything manually, though the option of manual handling would be there for you.
  2. Control is simple and optimization is also there. The coordination among different parts is well maintained.
  3. It is user-friendly and can make the client comfortable. It has a feature of multi-client operation that reduces the cost significantly.


SD-WAN components are comprised of three parts, namely the base, the controller, and the visualizer. All three are key assets. The base provides the basic structure, the controller implements the ideas, and the visualizer is responsible for data processes and analysis. Why is it so important? Because it has countless benefits. Some of them are stated above.