How pledge management will help you?

pledge management

Much has been said about how to manage the commitment of people in an organization, but little scientific evidence is available to allow a response to be ‘actionable’ and measurable. It is that so much is spoken of the internal client – the people of the organization -, that we have not noticed a truism: Its conceptual parallelism with the external client, especially for fundraising institutes.  Here pledge management comes to the picture.

The same individual can fulfill the role of external client when deciding to be loyal – or, at least, prefer other options – to a service or product brand; and that same individual decide to be loyal or not to our company, which we prefer to prefer to others. Let’s check out how it helps.

Managing The Emotional Relationship with the company

 It is the degree of identification of the person with the values ​​and mission of the company. Expressed by the individual as the “trust”, the “friendliness”, the “affinity” that the company transmits to him.

Now, the values, which are basic convictions that determine our behavior, as deep as knowing what is right and wrong for me, are transmitted at a cultural and individual level within the organization. Their transmitters are present throughout the organization, but leaders and managers play a fundamental role.

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Perhaps this measure is the most important, given that the absence of identification with values ​​will reduce to nothing the emotional relationship with the company, and, in the long run, we are human driven by emotions.

 Keeping up the Business Reputation

 It refers to the popularity of the company in the market and the content of it. It is a fact that for a collaborator it is better to belong to a high valuation company. Therefore, it is also possible to know to what extent this factor influences a collaborator’s commitment by inquiring about their perception of our company’s reputation in comparison with others.

Handling the Work Project

 In  simple terms, what is the offer that the company makes in terms of the content of  thework. We refer to the content of the work or project to be developed. Is this project relevant to the individual? Does this work offer a differentiating nuance with respect to others?

 Relevance and Differentiation, two key concepts in the evaluation of a project or work. The question that the person usually asks is What is in this project for me, in that it benefits me professionally or personally? If we get the answer to be positive, then we will have a great influence on the commitment. Asking about this aspect we will also build a solid diagnosis and this tool helps to do so.