Lowe World of Tanks version is the tier 8 heavy tank. It is often mentioned as one of the most popular and effective premium tanks in this tier. What makes it so good and are there any downsides to this vehicle at all? Let us take a look at its history and analyze the Lowe in WoT.

Lowe is based on the project that has been developed in the early 1940s by the Krupp and Henschel companies for Wehrmacht. The main goal of the project was to create a super-heavy tank that would surpass the war machines, produced by the Soviet Union at the time. This project has never come to life. It has only been developed on paper, not a single prototype was built. The project was shut down due to the shift of attention towards the development of even heavier tanks (Tiger and Panther).

Lowe WoT version has the advantages and disadvantages that the real tank was predicted to have. Specifically, pros include:

  • Good side and frontal armor;
  • Consistently accurate gun;
  • Effective penetration.

However, there is a number of cons. The most noticeable are:

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  • Low maneuverability;
  • Slow reload, which leads to a low damage output;
  • Large size means that it is easily noticeable on the battlefield.

So, do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? As in the case with most of the tanks in WoT, it is hard to say. Everything depends on the situation you’re in and how skilled you are with a particular tank. Lowe is often referred to as easy to pick up but hard to master.

However, being the premium tank, Lowe in WoT is great for earning credits. It is one of the most profitable tanks in the 8th tier. It means that if you really need to pick a tank to gain some of that in-game currency, this vehicle would be one of the best choices. Which is why you should try to get used to its specifics and develop a playstyle that will suit this tank.

Lowe has been in WoT for a long time and almost all this time it has been a safe and viable pick both for newcomers and veterans. So, if you have some money to spend on the game and you want to buy a competitive vehicle, this would definitely be one of the prime choices.