A job interview is a formal invitation presented to you by a company you have applied to work for. Usually, companies publish a job vacancy for a successful candidate to fill a certain role. Naturally, several candidates whose profiles appear to reflect the role requirements apply. The advertising company screens these applications and shortlists appropriate interviewees. The shortlisting and subsequent invitations set the stage for a stiff competition amongst applicants. If you happen to be invited for an interview, you are automatically switched into mental states that swing from anxiety to optimism, to say the least. A few thought processes result in a series of questions.

Your mind would entertain questions like ‘How many applicants were shortlisted?’, ‘What is the probability you will be the successful one?’, ‘How far or near is the venue for the interview?’ etc. These and many other questions will occupy your mind from the moment you receive an interview invitation until you have been interviewed.

However, here we are focusing on one of those questions appearing simple and harmless yet can be a game-changer. 

An Ideal Arrival Time

While punctuality teaches one to be on time to an event, a job interview is more demanding. An interviewee is expected to do a journey plan and a mock journey prior to the interview date. The plan should be such that you arrive at the place 10 to 15 minutes ahead of the slated time. For example, if you are booked for a 10 am interview, target arriving at the place between 9:45 am and 9:50 am. This helps you relax and organize yourself more ahead of your time slot. Furthermore, in the event that you have some employment forms to fill you are sure of doing this before the oral interview.

Be in Control When You Arrive Too Early


There could be cases when your anxiety pushes you into arriving too early. What do you do? Show up at the venue? No! Indeed, the question ‘How Early Should You Be For An Interview?’ is not so simple. In such cases look for a nearby coffee shop, restaurant, or some relaxation spot. Simply walk in and treat yourself to anything to ease your tension while watching the time. But please avoid alcohol or cigarette or heavy meals!

Announce Your Arrival To The Helpdesk

There’s usually an attendance register monitored by the company’s helpdesk. Ensure you register your name and your arrival time there. The helpdesk communicates necessary information about candidates to the interview panel.

Control Your Nerves

Once you register yourself at the helpdesk, locate a convenient spot and sit down calmly while waiting to be called upon. During this time, practice taking deep noiseless breaths while recharging in readiness for interview questions. At this point also, focusing your mind only on positive thoughts and dreams cannot be over-emphasized. See the link https://www.itguyresumes.com/how-early-should-you-be-for-an-interview/ Avoid spending time examining other candidates while imagining your chances.

There’s no doubt that the dynamics of job interviews are full of psychological questions that breed butterflies in your stomach. Nevertheless, the mantra ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ can provide enough clues. Spending time to think through every question that comes into the head can be rewarding. If properly done, the above tough question will not be one of your nightmares.