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Get a lot of money and fast in Far Cry 5, the ultimate trick

There are many ways to get money in Far Cry 5 and especially there is a trick that will allow you to get rich as quickly and directly as possible, so follow our guide closely.

As usually happens in most games, money is also present in Far Cry 5, and can be obtained naturally by doing missions, finding loot or reselling weapons, clothing or skins. But if you want to get more money in Far Cry 5, we will detail a procedure that is working very well and making many players rich. Click here to use tft boost service for your game.

With this definitive trick to get a lot of money in Far Cry 5 you will be able to buy the best possible equipment to face the last moments of history. It is not complicated to do, with what you learn once you can repeat it when you need much more money, and without having to spend many hours.Visit this site to useĀ tft elo boosting for your game.

Ultimate trick to make a lot of money in Far Cry 5

Location to do the method

You must go to the hillside between Taxidermia Peaches and Raptor Peak since it is a place full of wild animals that leave good resources.

What do you need?

Well, in principle some bait to facilitate the arrival of animals, have already unlocked the talents of Master in Looting (we doubled the loot obtained) and the improvement of the inventory with the Travel Pack. And when it comes to weapons, it’s a bit the same, but a sniper rifle is recommended.

All right, now what should I do to take advantage of the method?

As you have imagined we must hunt animals and sell their skins. For this we recommend that you look mainly for bison and pumas, since their skins are the most valued of all in the area.

With the extra of the Travel pack you will have a larger inventory to be able to store more skins, while with the talent of Master in Looting you will receive greater reward for dejected animal.

With the sniper rifle you can kill animals with an accurate shot to the head, although you can use any other weapon that suits you to kill the animals with the least possible effort.

When you are up to the skins, go to the Drubman Marina that you have very close, and sell everything in the store. You can also sell them to the merchant who goes through Taft Watchtower from time to time.

tft boostHow to Get Fast Money (Best Method)

The animals in Far Cry 5 are a mine

It is true that forcing a safe and visiting preparation positions you can take a very juicy amount of money, however, it requires exploration and time to get it. This for some, like me in particular, is a nuisance. I like fast things when it comes to money in Far Cry 5 .

To generate thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes we will need two things: Bait for animals and the double hunting reward skill, called Harvest Master or Harvest Master , which will give us two skins for each animal hunted.

Once you have it maximized, you go to the open country, recommended, since if there are cars, fences or buildings near the animals they may not appear. An appropriate place would be Fall’s End, in the middle of the road or near the restaurant’s chef’s farm.

In business a partner always comes in handy

Another method, longer but more juicy, would be with the help of another partner who also has the Far Cry 5. We will dedicate ourselves to visit the preparation positions he has on his map, even if you assaulted them earlier in your game, in his They will be available again. The preparation positions give a lot of money, between 500 and 2000 dollars, not counting that they are full of weapons and ammunition. This method as I said at the beginning is more cumbersome and requires more time.