Advertising has always been an essential aspect of the business. We all receive numerous flyers when we travel through stations and public places. Flyers, posters, pamphlets, etc, have always been an effective way of promoting our business. Flyers are small pieces of paper that contain summarized details of our store or business with contact details, name, and brand logo. They are designed, in such a way that they look intriguing and printed in enormous amounts, and distributed in places with high crowds and heavy traffic. flyer printing in Oakville, ON provides us with high-quality flyers at a decent price.

The material used and cost of flyer printing

Flyers are made of paper. The question is, what type of paper? Silk paper is the most popular choice in flyer printing. The glossy texture of the paper highlights the pictures and texts on the flyer. Silk paper offers the best visuals and designs for flyers. Generally, they are supposed to be informed about our business. They aim to let the public know as much as they can about our business and what we offer along with our contact details to promote our business at the maximum level.

The cost however varies from the type of paper we decided to use and the number of flyers we choose to print. On average, it costs around 6.5 to 4.8 cents per flyer. We can print around 3000 flyers for 180$ and 10,000 flyers for around 450$. Flyers are one of the lowest-priced methods of advertisement. Though labor charges are required for distributing the flyers in the crowd.

Why flyers?

One of the major reasons why flyers are the best choice is that they are cost-effective. They are also great options for promoting short-term events. They are even available on short notice. A piece of paper sparks more curiosity in a person rather than a post they scroll by in their social media feed. Though the method is conventional, it is still effective s much as other marketing ideas. Moreover, they can retain more detailed information than a short post on social media.