Don’t miss the amazing advantages of Bitcoin


Bitcoin allows the existence of the first non-sovereign currency, existing without a centralized issuer, and therefore politically neutral. Thus, it lays the technical foundations for a new era of money management, a brand determined to gradually free it from trusted third parties, starting with the banks. Click here to know about bitcoin price.

In the case of Bitcoin,the transactions registered in the blocks of the blockchain.Eventually, Bitcoin could also be used to target instant transactions, for example with the deployment of an overlay network called the Lightning Network, a kind of “cloud” of the initial bitcoin network, in constant development. Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of this digital currency.Visit this site to know about bitcoin price.

Private keys

It is one of the most portable currency units, since its possession is linked to the mere possession of the famous private keys.



It is not possible to make the network accept counterfeit bitcoins: by the use of cryptographic signatures, the owner of a bitcoin can publicly (or not) prove that he owns the bitcoin he claims to have; and the network is protected from any artificial inflation by its protocol rules,


Its rarity is strictly ensured by an unsurpassable consensus: there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins, as imposed by the initial source code deployed by Satoshi Nakamoto.


Its divisibility is much greater than gold, since it is possible natively to send a fraction of bitcoin, up to eight decimals after the decimal point, via the Lightning Network (0.00000001 bitcoin, also called 1 satoshi).