Condensing oil boiler can boil 800 liters in an hour

Condensing oil boiler

There are lot many countries that are facing cold weather throughout the year. The country like Canada, Alaska, China, Russia, Ireland and many more countries faces very cold weather. In these countries hot water is required. There are many types of system that you can boil water. But for such countries it is important have the perfect and proper way of boiling water. In market you have numerous of boilers that are providing the service for heating the water. But the best, that lasts long, have capacity to hest fast enough and that is coming in very low budget is condensing oil boiler. This is the latest technology for boiling the water. Maximum cold countries are already using this technology. If you like to have boiler to heat the water and also that can save money then you will always go with condensing oil boiler.

blue flame burner technology

There are many reasons for buying this type of oil boiler. The very first thing is that you are saving money because it helps in saving electricity. Secondly you are getting warranty that is for 5 years.  All the parts are having warranty. Thirdly you are getting the heating results faster than any other boiler. It is very easy to have its maintenance. All the parts can be removed and fixed easily. It is having advance technology of blue flame burner technology. The solid stainless steel body with advance air disperses designed is available. It is having oil-pre heating for better fuel spraying. You have the auto timer with fan for combustion air supply. The models are available for domestic and commercial purposes. In any type of boiler  there is a large porting of thermal energy is produced and for that this oil boilers is perfect because it can easily thrown away.

There are different types of models that have the capacity of heating water. The model e-line sanit-20 can boil 320 liter per hour, e-line sanit-35 can boil400 liters in an hour, other than these two you have 10 more models to select from. The last model that is e-line satin-70 has the capacity to boil 800 liters in an hour. If you like to install any of the models for domestic use or for commercial use then you can select any one of the model that you think is suitable for your purpose. It is sure that once you have installed this advance technology in the house then you will be comfortable with getting boiled water for long years.