In Jan 2005, the Green Mark accreditation program was introduced. It’s a green building assessment system that assesses a structure’s ecological impact and efficiency. Green Mark Certification sets the foundation for evaluating the entire sustainability impact of new construction to encourage recycled materials, as well as best practices in infrastructure design and management.

Why do you want to get a Green Mark credential?

Green initiatives may reap the following advantages in the long run:

  • The variety of structures in the housing market is important
  • Beneficial influence on company’s reputation, renting, and property sale price
  • Power, water, and materials asset utilization are all being reduced.
  • Reduce the risk for environmental damage.
  • Indoor air quality enhancement for advanced levels with well
  • Create a more straightforward path for constant improvements.

Who may apply?

For design and construction, neighborhoods, parks, infrastructure, and building finishing. Developers, housebuilders, and government bodies.

The most common criterion

  • Design that responds to the weather
  • Building energy efficiency and management of resources
  • Buildings that are both smart and healthful
  • Green initiatives should be advanced.

On average, how long does the Green Mark certification last?

Green Mark accreditation is available for three years from the date of BCA’s Letter of Acceptance.

What are the different phases of the Green Mark certification process?

Green Mark accreditation is divided into three levels.

  • Stage 1: Pre-assessment – An additional stage is utilized when members of the group are acquainted only with criteria and need explanation.
  • Stage 2: The actual evaluation
  • Stage 3: Validation of promised items (to ensure that all promised architectural elements and operational performances have been implemented into the program).

After Green mark certification submissions, the LOA will be given in around three weeks. The LOA can be given anywhere at the moment of the year. However, the certificate will be given out throughout the BCA awards event in May/June. Quasi of the BCA awards event can also pick up the certificate at the BCA administration after the program.