Tips for Protecting Your Eyes

The eye is one of the greatest mysteries in this world. So small yet it is capable of doing among the most complex activities of the body – eyesight. A picture formed in the eye is brought to the brain through the nerve, and we perceive this information in the shape of an image. Beautiful as that may sound; it is really unfortunate that our awareness about the health of our eyes is indeed wrong. In the present day and age, many amongst us get the eyes assessed using an optician. This is only one of the most dangerous acts of unawareness that we can do for our eyes.

Changes With Our Eyes

A complete eye check includes not only checking the spectacle number but also a comprehensive appraisal of the various constructions of the eye with the help of technical instruments. An optician isn’t trained to examine the human eyecheck singapore. His field of expertise is just fitting and dispensing spectacles. An optometrist is trained to examine the eyes, but there’s a difference between the practice and experience of an eye surgeon as against that of an optometrist.

When you go to an eye surgeon for an eye check-up, first, he assesses your vision and writes the proper spectacles for you. Then he examines in detail the arrangement of the eye with the support of an instrument known as the slit lamp that may magnify the eye over 16 times. He also eyecheck singapore the eye pressure together with the applanation tonometer – this is done to rule out glaucoma. After this, the pupil is dilated, and the retina is examined thoroughly.