Definition – What does Workflow Management mean?

Workflow management is the administration of multiple steps or activities within a business process. The people who lead workflow management will evaluate how the workflow goes through a specific business process, moving from one person to another and from one activity to another, as part of a broader look at how to improve operations how […]

Time Clock Wizard

Tips for employee scheduling

Employee scheduling is something which is to be handled with extra care and attention. It is to be noted that if the scheduling is not done in the perfect way, the entire working system will get collapsed to a greater extent. Hence the people who are getting engaged in this work must make sure to […]

pledge management

How pledge management will help you?

Much has been said about how to manage the commitment of people in an organization, but little scientific evidence is available to allow a response to be ‘actionable’ and measurable. It is that so much is spoken of the internal client – the people of the organization -, that we have not noticed a truism: […]

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