It is a dream of millions of people to become a musical star in their lives. Out of millions, only a few actually succeed in becoming the star they once dreamt of. It is battle for stardom, and only the fiercest of them win. That doesn’t signify that the other people, who tried their best, were in any way less than the ones that actually succeeded. For most people, the biggest problem they face is a representation. Not all music companies recognize talent immediately. The talent they don’t recognize isn’t represented. In this way, millions of aspiring singers and songwriters get buried under the business of the music industry.


But this is an era of social media. Social media is a powerful tool that can build literally any career. In this era of social media, talent doesn’t need to go unappreciated. Spotify is an app, where people can listen to music from all over the world with either a paid or a free subscription. The biggest factor about this app is that it allows new artists and singers to sing and upload their music for the world to listen.

HOW SPOTIFY WORKS: Any new aspiring singer, can record and upload a song on this app depending upon their subscription. In the due time, if their song gets heard by a significant number of people, they see an increase in their plays which affect their revenue. But most importantly, this adds immense popularity for any new singer, giving them a chance to be discovered by the world. This platform is the platform built to include better talents in the music industry.

YOUR FOLLOWER COUNT AFFECTS YOUR SPOTIFY PLAYS: Once you create a Spotify account, it is advised to connect it with other social media accounts so that you can gain a few more followers from your existing contacts and friends. With more followers, your music automatically reaches to more people, thus increasing your plays over a certain period of time.

HOW TO BOOST SPOTIFY PLAYS  If you are wondering how to boost your number of Spotify plays, you can do it by buying Spotify plays online. There is a website called Songlifty, that allows you to buy Spotify plays for a certain amount of money. With more plays over a shorter period of time, you can gain more popularity and revenue. The site charges $4 to boost your number of Spotify plays which happen over a 2-3 day period of time.


Songlist is the best website to help you boost your number of Spotify plays.