Numismatics is a world of its own. If your dive deeper, you can understand how a small circular price of metal can tell us so much about anything. If you look around, there are so many coins that one can try to collect as apart of your collection. One of the most precious coins of its time is the 1921 silver dollar. To know more about the coin, let’s dive further into the article.

About Kennedy Half Dollar

1921 silver dollar

Kennedy Half Dollar is a gift cent mint issued in the United States of America. The coin was created in honor of former U.S president John F Kennedy. Kennedy was the 35th president of the country and was assassinated in the year 1963. He has been one of the most successful presidents of the United States of America. The Kennedy half a dollar was firstly minted in the year 1964. The material of the coin consists of almost ninety percent silver. However, as the coin became increasingly popular, the silver ratio dropped from ninety to forty percent. By the year 1971, silver was eliminated from the coin’s composition as being a precious metal. It was hard for the government to produce the pure quality of coins in such a large amount.

How to identify a Kennedy half dollar coin?

If you’re wondering how to tell an authentic Kennedy half dollar coin, here are some markers you can check for.

  • The observe the heads part of the coin has a picture of John F Kennedy’s left-side profile. If you look closely near the neck area, you can find the words “in god we trust” engraved. Below the engraved words, one can also spot the year of manufacturing. The o serve part of the coin has not been changed since 1964.
  • The reverse: The reverse part is also called the tails part of the coin. Initially, the reverse part had a picture of the independence hall engraved on it. However, the design changed in 1976. The design then changed to an emblem of an eagle. Eagle is also the national bird of the United States.

The kennedy half dollar is a rare coin to collect. The oldest version, the one with the independence hall of the coin, is harder to find.