green mark certification

What is a green mark certification?

In January 2005, the green mark certification process was created. It is a green construction grading system that is used to assess the environmental effect and performance of a structure. It sets the foundation for analysing the entire sustainability impact of new constructions to encourage sustainable design and best practices in building construction and management.

Why should you seek Green Mark certification?

Green initiatives may reap the following long-term benefits:

  • Building distinction that is meaningful in the property market
  • Positive impact on company image, leasing, and building resale value
  • Reduced use of energy, water, and material resources
  • Limit the possible environmental damage.
  • Enhancement of indoor air quality for improved health and well-being
  • Give clearer direction for ongoing progress.

Who is eligible to apply?

For new constructions, districts, parks, infrastructure, and building interiors, developers, building owners, and government organisations. Important considerations are:

  • Design for climate change
  • Building energy efficiency
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Smart and healthy construction
  • Green initiatives should be advanced.


This optional initiative measures the total environmental performance of new and existing buildings in categories such as energy efficiency. Architects and design teams are urged to design and create sustainable, sustainable construction that is far more weather patterns, efficient and resource-efficient, and offer better indoor environments for new structures. Existing building owners and managers are urged to mitigate the negative consequences of their projects on the ecosystem and passenger health over the life cycle of the property.The system also acknowledges building users’ responsibility in lowering energy use. These programmes encourage companies to design and run their interior spaces to be even more sources of energy in company day-to-day operations and to improve occupant well-being.