used cars in el cajon

Things To Look At When Purchasing Used Cars

Purchasing a used car is easy, but many consumers still don’t realize this and make some common mistakes. Here are each of the commonly made mistakes in purchasing used cars in el cajon, along with how to avoid them.


-Look at the tires: If the tires are bald or the treads are gone, do not purchase that vehicle. Also, look at where they have been potted and make sure there aren’t any large cracks or breaks in the rubber that could create safety hazards. If the tires have been potted, they’ve been patched, and one day that tire is going to blow out while you’re driving down the road.


-Check all lights: Check to see if all belts, lights, flashers and indicators are working and if not, why? Having a warning light on your car is like having a flashing sign on your forehead saying, “Repairs Needed!” Repairs will be costly in the long run and can lead to other problems.


-Visual inspection: Look for spoilers, bumper stickers or aftermarket additions that could prevent the proper functioning of any part of the vehicle. For instance, a spoiler that’s too high might interfere with the normal function of the trunk lid. By inspecting the vehicle, you can easily identify problems.

-Check and clean up the vehicle: Look for any items that will interfere with the operation of brakes, steering or any other part of the car that could cause major accidents. Check to see if there are any loose parts around or inside, such as loose wires and fuses. Look for excessive wear on a transmission’s fluid level indicator, first gear ratio indicator or oil level indicators and replace them if necessary. All these things could lead to breakdowns on your car and, in the case of brakes, even lock you out from braking or gear shifting from a neutral position during an emergency situation.


-Check for proper operation: Drive the vehicle on a test track and try to find anything that could cause an accident or damage. Make sure the engine sounds good, the transmission shifts smoothly, and the brakes work properly. Also, drive it in heavy traffic or at high speeds to see if there are any signs of overheating. By driving the car on different roads and conditions, you can expose any problems with the vehicle.


-Check all fluids: Check to see if all fluids are not just at the right level but also smell good and look clean. When pouring in new fluid, they should smell strong and be transparent.