colored ostrich feathers

The quality Ostrich Feather


One can search from the different types of colored ostrich feathers. The choices can be made depending upon the bird, sex of the bird as well as the plenty of other factors. The choice of the right feathers can be made which can be between  16-20inches. They can prove to be the Premium long dyed as well as the natural ostrich feathers which can be of the top quality and can suit the aesthetic the best. All of such feathers are hand-selected, graded, dry fluffed ones with can be favoured by Lamplight Feather. These are the feathers which can be mostly used for the decorative uses.

colored ostrich feathers

What makes them a quality product?

These ostrich feathers are Commonly used for decorative purposes. Such features can be the most suitable one for the costumes, hat as well as the millinery design, for the beautiful vase arrangements. These feathers can be also used for home and event decor, special kind of wedding decoration, as well as the themed party decoration. The grade of the feather is about 16-20 inches as well as sometimes even more.  They can also come with the 22 colours from which one can make a selection of the right feather.

 Which feather can be the best?

The Drabs prove to be the special ostrich shoulder feathers which can usually come with the thinner stem as well as the thinner herl.  The speciality is that they are naturally grey as well as are a refined lateral derived from the female birds. Such feathers are bleached and dyed resulting in some beautiful colours. They are the ones which can be dyed over white. These feathers are the special section features which can prove to be the longest available type one can choose from.


There are varieties of the ostrich feathers which can be bought for Carnivals, Shows as well as Fashion. Most of them can bring an enhanced look with the use of the adult wing feathers. This can be also favourable with the use of the better quality chick wing.  The feather dusters can be also a favourable one in the form of the industry based product. Some other products are like quill pens and pencils, fans as well as the key rings.   The Ostrich feathers prove to be unique with so especial qualities added to them to bring high value.