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If you know that what is chronic back pain and what are its causes, then it will be beneficial for you. It is the study of spinal anatomy and its functions that are very crucial. The comprising of bony segments referred to as vertebrae and padded discs, the body spine is one among the foremost vital elements of the human body. From supporting one’s bodily structure to protect your funiculus, all four segments of the human spine are cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral. All the major parts play an important role in sanctioning a healthy and active life.

Different types of back pain situations

The back pain problem could be a common upset knowledgeable about by several in Singapore and around the world. All the chronic back pain problems are outlined by the persistence of pain for several over 3-months. And the common causes of chronic back pain embrace disc issues, osteoarthritis, and nerve or muscle injuries. Most people suffer from chronic back pain because of age-related degeneration or previous injuries. But at Novena you will get the best back pain singapore treatments there.

As a part of a clinical assessment with a back pain specialist, imaging tests like imaging scans area unit usually required for correct diagnosing. And, the diagnosed condition of the patient, Novena spine pain doctors in Singapore could dictate the mandatory medication or physiatrics. And supply tailored interventional pain procedures, to raised manage the pain. So if you are suffering from a lot of pain then contact Novena immediately.