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Beautiful Sydney is Australia’s oldest, biggest and most modern city and offers every visitor something amazing view. Broad sandy beaches and scenic cruises make the Harbour City the perfect holiday destination for travellers looking for fun on the sand and sea. First-class restaurants, shopping facilities and cultural institutions such as the famous Sydney Opera House have attracted those who try enriching tourism. If you are planning for a tour to Sydney from Singapore you should go with EU Holidays Sydney Australia tour package from Singapore.

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Sydney is one of the oldest and largest cities in Australia that provides a multicultural outlook and is the capital of New South Wales in Australia.It’s famous for the iconic landmarks like Sydney Harbour Bridge,climb up the Sydney Tower for a panoramic view of the place,and Sydney Opera House, this place is simply worth a visit. If you are planning to visit Sydney then you should Sign up for a Sydney,Australia tour package from Singapore tour package from EU Holidays, EU Holidays is the award-winning travel agency in Singapore.

Experience Australia's Pop Culture - Melbourne Tour Packages from Singapore

Experience Australia’s Pop Culture – Melbourne Tour Packages from Singapore

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is one of the most beautiful places to live on Earth The aestheti charmony of art, history and culture gave rise to its amazing heritage. Australia has been the island daydream of almost every traveller if you are planning to Australia and travelling to Australia without Melbourne, is like a journey of halfway through a beautiful dream!

Our tour packages will bring you to the best places to eat, feast, shop and experience the local culture. We give you an experiment unlike any other, comprehensively tour package designed by our Singapore team.

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Sydney is one of the world’s top 50 cities most visited. The most popular tourist attractions in Sydney range from romantic beaches and islands to stunning views of settlements and museums. Our Singapore experts have carried out our work to create a fun and comfortable itinerary for Singapore travellers.